Know the Warning Indicators of Blood Clots When Al Roker Reveals ‘I Misplaced Half My Blood’

Know the Warning Indicators of Blood Clots When Al Roker Reveals ‘I Misplaced Half My Blood’

Know the Warning Indicators of Blood Clots When Al Roker Reveals ‘I Misplaced Half My Blood’

Al Roker is formally again at work after taking two months off to cope with critical well being points. Roker was hospitalized in November 2022 with a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) and divulges particulars of his remedy at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Heart. “I misplaced half my blood. They have been looking for out the place it was.” he says. “He is a dwelling, respiratory miracle,” says Roker’s spouse, Deborah. “He actually is, and I’ve to say – I am not exaggerating, I do not suppose so – Al was a really, very, very sick man. And I believe most individuals did not know that. He was a medical thriller for a number of weeks. It was probably the most tumultuous, scariest journey now we have ever been on.”

Roker’s medical workforce discovered he had two bleeding ulcers, and he finally required seven hours of surgical procedure on his colon and duodenum (a part of the small gut) and his gallbladder eliminated. In true Roker vogue, he can now joke in regards to the state of affairs. “I made a decision to have surgical procedure, 4 of that are free,” says Roker. “I really feel actually good. I am positive I will drop like a stone when that is over as a result of that is the primary job I’ve executed. It was a journey.”

Roker says he was unaware of the extent of his sickness. “Thank God for Deborah,” he says. “She principally shielded me from a whole lot of that. I had no concept how sick I used to be. I’m a dwelling instance of ignorance is bliss. … I used to be solely in a position to put all my power into restoration as a result of I did not know the way unhealthy I used to be.” Because it turned out, his medical workforce was deeply involved about his well being. “[We]have been extraordinarily involved for Al,” says his gastroenterologist, Dr. Felice H. Schnoll-Sussman, “Extraordinarily involved. He had a life-threatening expertise. I imply, there is not any doubt about it.”

In line with the CDC, 900,000 individuals are affected by DVT annually. Listed below are the warning indicators of blood clots, in keeping with consultants.


leg ache

sad senior man affected by knee ache. journey and tourism idea. well being downside and folks idea.

Leg ache that does not go away might be an indication of a harmful blood clot. “The world affected by the blood clot might swell and change into painful and probably purple as a result of regular blood stream is blocked.” says Quratulain Syed, MD. They’ll additionally develop edema, the place fluid builds up within the pores and skin tissues across the clot. If the clot is someplace aside from your arm or leg, there could also be no bodily indicators of DVT.”

dr Syed says about 1 in 1,000 individuals will develop DVT annually. “The aged and people who find themselves chubby are probably the most susceptible. Different frequent threat components embody an harm or blow to the physique, extended immobility, together with lengthy aircraft flights or automotive journeys, and critical diseases akin to coronary heart failure, stroke, most cancers, or inflammatory bowel illness. Girls who take estrogen both within the type of contraception tablets or postmenopausal therapies could also be at elevated threat. Some genetic blood clotting issues also can result in frequent blood clots. It is best to ask your physician about your threat for DVT.”



Mature woman doing thyroid self-examination on light background, close-up

Mature lady doing thyroid self-examination on mild background, close-up

Leg swelling is a typical symptom of DVT, in keeping with docs. “Roughly 70% of all sufferers develop swelling, which is the primary warning signal of DVT,” says vascular surgeon Obinna Nwobi, MD. “In case your DVT is in your thigh or calf, you solely have swelling within the affected leg. Nevertheless, if the clot is in your pelvis, you could develop swelling in each legs.”

“There are efficient remedies for a blood clot within the leg, notably blood thinners, that have an effect on the power to clot whereas they’re getting used,” says Vikalp Jain, MD, Vascular Surgeon at Jersey Shore College Medical Heart. “It is all the time the suitable choice to hunt medical assist early if you happen to suppose you will have a blood clot, even when it seems to not be. Higher secure than sorry when a pulmonary embolism might be a chance.”


heat pores and skin

Stressed upset old senior woman using waving fan suffering from overheating, summer heat health hormone problem, no air conditioning sitting on sofa at home, feeling exhausted, dehydration, heat stroke concept

Burdened upset outdated senior lady utilizing waving fan affected by overheating, summer time warmth well being hormone downside, no air-con sitting on couch at house, feeling exhausted, dehydration, warmth stroke idea

Unusually heat spots on the pores and skin is usually a signal of DVT. “Widespread signs embody swelling of the leg, ache or tenderness within the leg, elevated heat within the space of ​​the leg that’s swollen or painful, and purple or discolored pores and skin within the space of ​​the leg that’s swollen or painful.” says Antonios P. Gasparis, MD.

“Most individuals are unaware of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and its potential penalties. DVT is a blood clot in a deep vein, often within the legs. It is likely one of the main causes of dying in america. These blood clots may be harmful in the event that they break off and journey to the lungs. When this occurs, it results in a critical, doubtlessly life-threatening situation referred to as a pulmonary embolism.”


Swollen veins

Pregnant woman with compression stockings.  Varicose veins prevention, compression tights, relief for tired legs.

Pregnant lady with compression stockings. Varicose veins prevention, compression tights, reduction for drained legs.

Research present that varicose veins may be an early warning signal of blood clots. “The commonest query from a varicose vein affected person within the vein clinic is: ‘Will varicose veins pose a well being threat to me?'” says dr Shyueluen ChangPhlebologist and Dermatologist at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

The analysis of dr. Chang confirmed that amongst adults identified with varicose veins, there was an “elevated threat of deep vein thrombosis in each ladies and men, [yet] this affiliation is stronger in males than in girls. We consider that varicose veins are usually not only a beauty or symptomatic downside…Sufferers with varicose veins deserve cautious monitoring and early analysis.”


Postthrombotic Syndrome

“A typical complication of DVT is the postthrombotic syndrome,” says dr Syed. “As much as 50% of people that have had DVT can develop the dysfunction, which causes long-lasting leg ache and swelling that worsens all through the day. The pores and skin across the swollen space might thicken and in addition darken. If left untreated, post-thrombotic syndrome can result in non-healing wounds and persistent ache with strolling. If in case you have postthrombotic syndrome, your physician might be able to prescribe elastic compression stockings and supervised train applications to enhance swelling.”

How is DVT handled? “The medication used to deal with DVT are referred to as anticoagulants, or ‘blood thinners,'” says Dr. Syed. “They assist forestall new blood clots from forming and cease current blood clots from rising. Relying on the extent of the DVT and different medical issues (together with most cancers or kidney issues), some individuals might have to remain within the hospital to obtain a blood-thinning treatment by intravenous infusion or injections beneath the pores and skin for the primary few days. After that, they will change to an oral treatment, akin to warfarin (Coumadin). There are additionally newer oral medicines like rivaroxaban and apixaban that may be prescribed with out the necessity for IV fluids or injections, so long as you haven’t any main medical issues. Most DVTs are handled for 3-6 months. Some individuals who could also be at excessive threat for future DVTs might have to take blood-thinning treatment for the remainder of their lives. Make sure to inform all of your healthcare suppliers if you’re taking a blood thinner.”

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