Joe Biden: More secret documents were found in the US President’s home

Joe Biden: More secret documents were found in the US President’s home

Joe Biden: More secret documents were found in the US President’s home

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Five more pages of classified documents were found in US President Joe Biden’s family home in Delaware, the White House said.

Biden’s private attorney, Richard Soper, said he learned about the additional documents Thursday and they were immediately turned over to the Justice Department.

Biden’s attorneys said the documents were from his tenure as Vice President Barack Obama.

A special investigator is investigating Biden’s handling of the documents.

The discovery of the documents during the probe politically embarrassed President Biden as it coincided with former President Donald Trump’s probe into allegations of misuse of classified documents.

One of the documents marked as declassified was found earlier this week in the garage of the Biden family home in Delaware, where he keeps his 1960s Chevrolet Corvette sport utility vehicle.

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Biden argues the documents weren’t lying by the side of the road

But now the White House says another five pages of classified, “classified” documents were found in Biden’s home Thursday night.

In a statement via Twitter, Sober said the president’s attorneys had not obtained the necessary security clearance to search the location where the first page of classified documents was found on Wednesday.

Sober, who has a security clearance, said he returned to President Biden’s home in Delaware Thursday night to prepare the documents and turn them over to the Justice Department.

In doing so, Soper came across the additional material from the documents classified as “secret”.

“While I was giving it to the Justice Department officials accompanying me, five additional pages were discovered that were marked confidential, bringing the total pages to six,” Sober said.

The attorney added that the White House will work with the newly appointed special counsel to investigate the case.

The six pages found on President Biden this week add to documents found in the Biden home garage in December and in his former offices at the Penn Biden Center in November.

On Friday, CBS News reported that about a dozen documents discovered at the Ben Biden Center were classified as “secret” and that among them were documents classified as “top secret.”

There are three levels of security in the United States: Restricted, Secret, and Strictly Secret.

The disclosure of information classified as “top secret” would cause “extremely serious damage”.

White House Republicans call for submission Sijil Buzwar President Biden’s homes, but the White House refuses to say whether such information about visitors will be released.

Since assuming the presidency, Biden has spent about 200 days — or more than a quarter of his time as president — at his family’s home in Delaware, according to media sources.

Former President Trump is also under investigation by the Justice Department for keeping more than 300 classified files — including files classified as top secret — at his Florida residence.

Some of these files were found by FBI agents under a search warrant issued last August.

The stories of these classified papers only made the news last Monday, although the first batch was found at the Ben Biden Center in Washington, DC in November.

The two-month gap between the discovery of the first papers, days before the midterm elections, and their recent appearance in the news – raises embarrassing transparency questions for President Biden.

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