Jaclyn Smith launches HSN clothing line for “real people”.

Jaclyn Smith launches HSN clothing line for “real people”.

Jaclyn Smith launches HSN clothing line for “real people”.

Jaclyn Smith collaborated with HSN to create an inclusive clothing line for every woman of all sizes. (Photo: HSN)

Jaclyn Smith has worked in the clothing industry for 35 years and spent a lifetime honing her own personal style. Now she combines the two with the introduction of her very first clothing line for HSN, a collection designed to offer every woman, everywhere, the comfort and versatility of her own wardrobe. “It’s from my closet to her closet,” she told Yahoo Life.

The ‘Charlies Angels’ star, 76, has worked but designed with brands like K-Mart and Nordstrom Rack in the past Smith’s clothing line of the same name for an even broader and more inclusive audience on HSN is “a dream,” she says. “I want to make shopping an easy experience and HSN’s platform will make that even more possible. You will see people of all shapes and sizes wearing the clothes.”

To that end, Smith and her team at HSN designed the clothing on “real people.” “We see how it moves and where there are creases and where a button should be placed,” she said. “Is there a gap in the blouse? [the fit] Since it’s so right that it works on a six, it also works on an oversize. That’s what’s special about my line.”

For each piece, Smith took her own dressing preferences into account. “If it doesn’t feel good to me, I won’t wear it,” she said.

She also channeled her personal style icon: her mother. The always-teen star credits her mother as her biggest inspiration for aging gracefully. “My mom once said, ‘It’s the look in your eyes and how you see life,'” Smith said. “I think if we get too preoccupied with one thing about aging, it stagnates and slows us down. Aging is a state of mind, a state of health.”

the Jaclyn Smith line for HSN starts with 10 carefully curated pieces, from jackets and sweaters to skirts and pants. Here, Smith features some of her favorites that are available now.

Jaclyn Smith launches HSN clothing line for “real people”.


Jaclyn Smith tweed zip front motorcycle jacket

This jacket combines the masculine shape of the motorcycle jacket with the feminine feathered and frayed accents and rose gold hardware that Smith advocated over the typical silver. Available in white or black, it will elevate any outfit, even a t-shirt and jeans.

$60 at HSN

“I’m a jacket girl. I think it completes an outfit,” Smith told Yahoo Life while modeling Woven tweed motorcycle jacket with front zip fastening. She said she loves the feel, and she digs his “light little shoulder pad.” When asked if that means we should be prepared for the return of the Dynasty shoulder pad, Smith joked, “No, just the one adding one small bit of sculpture and is flattering [for your] Waist. Subtlety is key throughout this collection. But the 80’s are my favorite decade!”


Jaclyn Smith short sleeve shirt with button placket and cuffs

Smith masters the everyday button-down with this billowy yet fitted blouse, available in white, pink and animal print. “I call it the multi-personality blouse because you can dress it up or dress it down, you know, I wear it in a pair of jeans with a beautiful belt,” Smith said. “I’ll see my daughter grab this and wear it openly with a tank top when she goes to yoga.”

$32 at HSN

“On this blouse I put a very special little gold button that’s patterned after something I care about: It was a cufflink that my grandfather wore,” Smith said of the Short-sleeved shirt with button placket and cuffs. “When I design I like to add that personal touch, something that makes me happy when I look at it. And that makes me happy.”


Jaclyn Smith sweater with a pointelle yoke and puff sleeves

Slip on this cozy cotton blend knit jumper and the first thing you’ll notice is how soft it is. Then you’ll see how well it complements your figure and style with its puff sleeves, fitted cuffs, fitted shape and pointelle pattern at the top. It comes in black or white.

$40 at HSN

“Some people will pull it down and have a very long line. For my body, I’m going to pull it up and blouse it,” Smith said, sharing styling tips (“all those little things I personally love to do”) for wearing the Jumper with puff sleeves and pointelle yoke.

When wearing pieces like this Printed button-down sleeve with rolled sleeves, Smith advises asking yourself, “Is this blouse working? Should I buckle it or leave it open?” For this top and others in the collection, Smith said she and her team “sourced fabrics from all over the world”.

Smith is “grateful” to be able to design such pieces Striped fine feather duster for HSN audiences, and that she’s able to incorporate all the little style tips she’s learned from rubbing elbows with the best in fashion and beyond. “I’ve had the advantage of working with very talented people, whether it’s makeup, hair or clothes,” she said. She’s also excited to share everything she’s learned on HSN. “I’ll be giving tips and I hope we can see it all on all different people, ages, sizes and shapes.”

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