Iranian MPs call for eye-for-eye application against ‘rioters’ | news

Iranian MPs call for eye-for-eye application against ‘rioters’ |  news

Iranian MPs call for eye-for-eye application against ‘rioters’ | news

On Sunday, the majority of the 290 Iranian parliamentarians demanded that the judiciary in the country, which has been experiencing a wave of protests for almost two months, use the principle of an “eye for an eye” when dealing with “rioters”.

The announcement, endorsed by 227 MPs, comes amid protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in mid-September, days after her arrest by vice squads in Tehran over her disregard for the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code.

Iranian lawmakers said officials should enforce “an eye for an eye” against people who “have damaged people’s lives and property through the use of white arms and firearms.”

“We urge all officials in this country, including the judiciary, to deal with the enemies of God as soon as possible,” read the announcement, released by the Shura Council news agency (ICANA).

Representatives also called on the judiciary to “deal firmly with the perpetrators of these crimes and with those who incited rioters, including certain politicians.”

Earlier Sunday, official media and the Revolutionary Guards announced the killing of four police officers and a “terrorist” in separate incidents in Iran.

Demonstrations against the killing of Mahsa Amini entered their seventh week in Iran as Iranians of all backgrounds and affiliations have demonstrated since the young Kurdish woman’s death on September 16.

Iranian authorities accused foreign parties of being behind the demonstrations and imposed sanctions on American individuals and entities, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for encouraging “violence and unrest” by them.

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