Iran is bombing the locations of Kurdish parties opposing it in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

Iran is bombing the locations of Kurdish parties opposing it in the Kurdistan region of Iraq
Iran is bombing the locations of Kurdish parties opposing it in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

Iran is bombing the locations of Kurdish parties opposing it in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

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The headquarters of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq was previously attacked by Iranian drones

Iran late Sunday carried out renewed strikes against Iraqi-based Iranian Kurdish opposition groups that the Islamic Republic government accuses of fueling protests in the country that have been ongoing since September.

And the Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced the start of a new round of missile and drone strikes on the headquarters of “Iranian separatist terrorists in areas of northern Iraq,” according to Iran’s Fars News Agency.

The anti-terrorist department in Iraqi Kurdistan said, “Iranian Revolutionary Guards again bombed Iran’s Kurdish parties,” without specifying whether there were any casualties.

The Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party said Iran attacked them with rockets and suicide drones in the Koya and Genkan areas near Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region.

He added: “These indiscriminate attacks come at a time when the Iranian terror regime is unable to stop the ongoing demonstrations in (Iranian) Kurdistan.”

Iran’s Kurdish nationalist group Komala said the attacks also targeted its facilities in northern Iraq.

“Our headquarters was again attacked by the Islamic regime tonight. We have carefully prepared for this type of attack and we have no casualties at the moment,” she tweeted.

The official Iraqi news agency reported early Monday that the attacks took place, citing “Iranian missile and drone attacks” on “three Iranian opposition parties in Kurdistan (Iraq)”.

The Kurdistan region of Iraq is home to many Iranian Kurdish opposition groups that have waged an armed insurgency against Tehran in the past.

Their activities have declined in recent years, but the wave of protests in Iran has reignited tensions.

The US Central Command, which oversees US military operations in the Middle East, condemned the Iranian attacks, calling them “illegal, indiscriminate and a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty”.

“We condemn Iran’s cross-border missile and drone strikes tonight,” Central Command commander Gen. Michael Korella said in a statement.

Turkish raids

The latest Iranian attacks come a day after Turkey launched airstrikes against Kurdish militants in Iraqi Kurdistan and northern Syria.

The Turkish attack targeted the bases of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which Ankara blames for the bombing in central Istanbul a week ago that killed six and wounded 81, which it denies.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has been leading an insurgency in Turkey for decades, has been labeled a “terrorist group” by Ankara and its western allies.

The new Iranian attacks come less than a week after similar cross-border attacks by Tehran that have killed at least one person.

Commenting on these attacks, Iran’s foreign ministry said it would not tolerate Iranian border security and would respond to threats from “separatist groups” in Iraqi Kurdistan.

She added that the “Kurdish separatists” had been conducting operations against Iran and that the attack on their headquarters was within the framework of Tehran’s right to self-defense.

Tehran has accused Iranian Kurdish opposition groups based in northern Iraq of fomenting what it calls “riots” at home in relation to the protests in Iranian cities and of escalating their attacks since the protests began.

Iran launched attacks in late September that killed more than a dozen people in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

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