Iran arrests French intelligence ‘agents’ and Macron condemns its ‘growing hostility’ | news

Iran arrests French intelligence ‘agents’ and Macron condemns its ‘growing hostility’ |  news
Iran arrests French intelligence ‘agents’ and Macron condemns its ‘growing hostility’ |  news

Iran arrests French intelligence ‘agents’ and Macron condemns its ‘growing hostility’ | news


Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi said Wednesday that Tehran had arrested a number of French intelligence agents amid protests in the country, while Paris denied the allegations and demanded that Tehran release any citizens it had arrested.

Iranian authorities have accused the West of fueling protests sparked by the September 16 death of young Iranian woman Mahsa Amini while she was being held by morality police in Tehran.

“People of other nationalities were arrested during the riots, some of them played a major role. They were members of the French secret service and they are treated according to the law,” Iran’s interior minister said in statements to state television.

Call the Australian Ambassador

And the semi-official Iranian news agency “Noor News” reported that a spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday that Tehran had summoned the Australian ambassador for statements by his country’s prime minister on internal developments in Iran.

“It appears that the Australian Prime Minister took a wrong approach based on incorrect information and this is not conducive to relations between the two countries,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani.

It is noteworthy that since the protests that swept the country more than two months ago, Tehran has summoned many foreign ambassadors over comments made by officials in their country about the protests in Iran.

French negation

In response to the Iranian Interior Minister’s statement, the French Foreign Ministry said: “Paris categorically denies the Iranian Interior Minister’s false statements about our citizens who have been recently arrested in this country and is reminded that it considers all such arrests to be arbitrary.” .”

“As the (French) Foreign Minister has indicated, we know that a total of 7 French nationals are currently being arbitrarily detained in Iran,” the French Foreign Ministry added.

French President Emmanuel Macron said today, Wednesday, that Iran “is dealing with increasing aggression against France by detaining French citizens,” adding that Tehran is also destabilizing the region with aggressive actions.

Macron: Iran counters increasing hostility towards France by imprisoning French citizens (Anatolia)

Macron told reporters – at the end of the G20 leaders’ summit in Indonesia – “I see increasing aggression on the part of Iran towards us by taking hostages, which is unacceptable, (and) aggression towards the region… by very aggressive.” Actions on Iraqi soil in the past few days.”

In Paris, US special envoy to Iran Robert Malley said that “the time has come for countries to mount a coordinated response to the arrests of their citizens in Iran for hostage-taking as a bargaining chip and for political reasons.”

British Secret Service

On the other hand, the head of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency, Ken McCallum, said Wednesday that Iranian intelligence agencies have attempted at least 10 times to kidnap — or even kill — British nationals or UK residents whom Tehran sees as a threat.

Last week, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly summoned Iran’s top diplomat in London and accused Tehran of threatening the lives of journalists living in the kingdom.

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