Hundreds of unsubscribes from “Twitter” and the site is in a “critical” state

Hundreds of unsubscribes from “Twitter” and the site is in a “critical” state
Hundreds of unsubscribes from “Twitter” and the site is in a “critical” state

Hundreds of unsubscribes from “Twitter” and the site is in a “critical” state

The Washington Post newspaper revealed that Twitter witnessed hundreds of layoffs from the company after new owner Elon Musk asked employees to increase hours.

The newspaper said Twitter is in a critical situation amid questions about its ability to continue operations.

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“Politicians, governments and embassies are preparing for the worst when Twitter goes offline. The site’s sensitive systems are prone to issues due to the layoffs,” she said.

Twitter continues to lose engineers and other workers after its new owner, Elon Musk, gave them the option to promise “hard” work or quit with severance pay.

Some employees took to the social media platform to announce their resignation after Musk’s deadline for the commitment.

Others attended a private forum to discuss their plans to leave the company, raising questions about how their U.S. visas would be at risk or if they would receive a promised severance package, according to an employee who was fired earlier this week .

The employee spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Twitter offices in San Francisco

While it’s not clear how many Twitter employees have resigned over Musk’s offer, the latest round of departures means the platform continues to shed staff as it prepares to face the pressure of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The World Cup is one of the busiest events on Twitter.”.

Since taking over Twitter less than three weeks agoMusk laid off half of the full-time employees The company’s 7,500 employees and countless contractors are responsible for content moderation and other important duties. He fired senior executives on his first day as Twitter owner, while others voluntarily left in the days that followed.

beginning of the week, bMusk began kicking out a small group by engineers who They argued openly with him Or via the company’s internal messaging system Slack.

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