How did Antonella assist Lionel Messi in Argentina vs Australia game?

How did Antonella assist Lionel Messi in Argentina vs Australia game?

Antonella, wife of Argentinian star Lionel Messi, was keen to support the player in his participation in yesterday’s match between Argentina and Australia, which ended in Argentina’s two-to-one victory in the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Special support from Antonella for Messi in Argentina vs Australia game

Antonella was present in the stands of the Ahmed Bin Ali Mundial Stadium, accompanied by the Argentine player’s children, to support him during the confrontation with Australia that ended with Argentina’s two-to-one victory, and Lionel scored that first goal goal for his country.

Posting pictures of her with Messi’s sons in the stands of Ahmed bin Ali’s World Cup stadium, Antonella stressed her support for her husband and Argentina national team with a special message after qualifying for the quarter-finals against Netherlands in Qatar in 2022 World Championship.

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In a related context, Lionel Messi spoke about the particular challenge he faces during the 2022 Qatar World Cup, where Messi indicated that this tournament was different for him, especially since his children have grown up and realized the importance of football , so he hopes to reach the world title at this point.

Lionel Messi was able to score the first goal for the Argentina national team, which helped to continue the tango at the outstanding level that led to them qualifying for the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 against the Netherlands.

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