Golf 25: How did Iraq prepare to host the tournament?

Golf 25: How did Iraq prepare to host the tournament?

Golf 25: How did Iraq prepare to host the tournament?

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Finally, and after a long absence, the Golf Cup football championship returns to the arms of Iraq after a 44-year absence.

The city of Basra in southern Iraq has completed its preparations to host the 25th edition of the Gulf Cup between January 6th and 19th.

This comes amid the influx of fans from the participating countries to the city after Iraq had waited for decades to host the tournament for the second time in its history, following the 1979 tournament in Baghdad, which Iraq then won its title.

Festive atmosphere

Known for its oil wealth and paying the bills of the war, the city of Basra is witnessing unprecedented social and historical manifestations and carnivals in preparation for this important football event.

And the people of the Gulf are returning to the city after the second Gulf War, which followed the invasion of Kuwait during the era of late President Saddam Hussein, prevented them from visiting.

Located in the extreme south of the country at the tip of the Gulf, Basra was formerly known as the “Venice of Iraq” due to the numerous rivers that branch into the city and is the gateway to the Gulf States with Iraq and bordering the State of Kuwait.

Basra Governor Asaad Al-Eidani said: “This city and its people are once again witnessing historic moments as they meet and receive the people of the Gulf States, after being their favorite city for tourism and trade in the past, and a meeting point for them with.” the people of Basra.”

The events of the war and the political situation in Iraq were missing from the atmosphere of heroism loved by the people of the region after Iraq invaded the state of Kuwait in early August 1990 during the reign of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

The conditions of the economic blockade in the 1990s, as well as the ban imposed on Iraq by the International Football Association (FIFA), cast a dark shadow on the Lions of Mesopotamia team before returning to the atmosphere of the 2004 Gulf Cup tournaments in Doha , as it began in its first participation in the tournament The fourth edition in 1976.

In 2014, the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” announced the establishment of the “Islamic Caliphate” in the vast areas of Iraq and Syria under its control.

Following its defeat in Iraq in 2017, the organization continues to conduct limited attacks through dormitories, particularly against the country’s security forces.

For years Iraq has attempted to host the most prominent golf championship, but the affair has failed more than once, beginning with “Gulf 21,” for reasons often related to a lack of stability and security unrest in the country.

Championship mascot

The Gulf 25 competitions begin on Friday 6th January with an opening ceremony at Basra International Stadium which the organizing committee described as exceptional, reflecting the city’s heritage and history and its life together and social relationships with the rest of the city gulf region.

The mantra of heroism came in accordance with this peculiarity when Sinbad the Navigator, the legendary character from the tales of the Arabian Nights who roamed the seas and oceans with his trade from Basra, was chosen by Khaleeji 25 to spell the tales of his seven sea voyages , and here he returns to the city on an eighth trip, accompanied by his seven sisters, with reference to the teams of the seven participating countries.

The political tensions and wars that erupted after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 resulted in Iraq’s exclusion from the Gulf Cup, following one of its traditional pillars of competition.

And in the balance of the Iraq participation, which he started for the first time in 1976 at the fourth session in Qatar, there are three titles.

After fourteen years of isolation and deportation, Iraq returned to the orbit of heroism in Doha in 2004.

Government authorities have made it easier for national team fans to enter through the border crossing by granting them free visas.

strict measures

Basra is witness to strict security measures and precautionary measures taken by the Military Operations Command in the city in coordination with the Interior Ministry to secure the residences of the participating delegations, public centers and fan areas.

Iraqis hope the tournament will highlight the poor economic situation in Iraq and the city of Basra in general, which could give the country a boost.

They also hope that the championship will come out in the most beautiful way to present a positive image of Iraq on a security, political and social level.

opening game

The competitions will open in the first group on Friday with a traditional confrontation between the property owner and Oman at the Basra International Stadium, which seats 65,000 spectators.

The first group also includes Saudi Arabia and Yemen, while the second group includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE.

Black Mesopotamia is aiming for a seventh victory at the expense of Omani Al-Ahmar, who is seeking a third victory over its Iraqi counterpart.

The Golf 25 is expected to be the first challenge faced by Spain coach Jesus Casas, coach of the Iraqi national team, in his first official appearance following his appointment.

And on the method Casas will follow in this game, he said: “We will definitely rely on the Spanish style of play and try to impose a specific style of play that is close to Spanish.”

On the other hand, the Omani national team, led by Croatian coach Branko Ivankovic, who took charge of the team in early 2020, is hoping to evoke memories of the 2017 Kuwait Golf Cup final when it won its second title after the first at home in 2009 .

The idea of ​​the Golf Cup dates mainly from the Saudi Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, who proposed it in 1968, and was adopted by Bahrain, which hosted the tournament in 1970 with the participation of 4 teams: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and Qatar, then it became an official tournament that continues to this day.

Is Iraq capable of hosting such an event? And why?

How does Iraq benefit from hosting Gulf Championship 25?

Will the championship be the start of greater rapprochement between Iraq and the Gulf in the future?

Who wins the title of this edition? And why?

We will discuss these and other topics with you in an episode Friday 6 January / January

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