Germany is waiting for a “Spanish gift” or a “World Cup scandal”

Germany is waiting for a “Spanish gift” or a “World Cup scandal”

Germany is waiting for a “Spanish gift” or a “World Cup scandal”

Germany are counting on a gift from their European neighbors Spain to jump into the final price of the World Cup in Qatar and avoid complex calculations as the two giants complete Group E competitions against Costa Rica and Japan today, respectively. Despite reaching the final third round, no team could qualify for this group and all have hopes of qualifying.

And after Germany threatened to end their campaign in the first round for a second year in a row, and before they reached the finals, Germany returned to keep their hopes alive with a 1-1 draw against Spain. Germany hopes to avoid a new World Cup scandal after exiting the World Cup in Russia in the first round and doesn’t want to repeat the nightmare scenario again. What confused the cards the most in this group was Costa Rica’s win over Japan, opening up all sorts of opportunities for the group, with a slight advantage for Spain, who need a point to qualify for the next round.

Germany need Spain to beat Japan and Manshafts to beat Costa Rica for the two European giants to qualify together.

Also, his victory coincided with a draw or a win for Japan, which has to resort to goal difference and then the rest of the criteria. On the other hand, in their first match with Japan at the World Cup, Spain need a tie point to settle their qualification, while Germany have no alternative but to beat Costa Rica to qualify, which coincided with Spain’s victory coincides over Japan in order not to have to resort to goal difference and the other criteria.

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