G20 summit adopts final declaration condemning war in Ukraine

G20 summit adopts final declaration condemning war in Ukraine
G20 summit adopts final declaration condemning war in Ukraine

G20 summit adopts final declaration condemning war in Ukraine

The Group of 20 announced yesterday in the final declaration of its summit on the Indonesian island of Bali that the “majority” of its member states “strongly condemn the war in Ukraine” as this conflict “undermines the world economy”.

According to the final statement, “most of the countries in the group strongly condemned the war in Ukraine,” despite Russia’s initial resistance to the suggestion. Russia’s position was also included in the statement.

The closing statement also says: “There were other visions, other assessments of the situation.”

The text of the final declaration describes the Russian attack on its neighbor as a war and not as a “military special operation” as Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted.

The world’s 20 largest economies, including Russia, stressed in the joint statement that “the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is not permitted.” “We managed to adopt and ratify the declaration of the G-20 leaders,” Indonesian President Joko Widodo said, noting that this was the first agreement on a joint text reached by the group since February was achieved.

He added, “Thank you to everyone who has been involved and shown flexibility” as they came to this joint text.

Regarding the war, the text mentioned the different positions of the countries, which made it possible to obtain the signature of Russia.

Three diplomatic sources told Reuters that all members of the Group of 20 agreed with the statement.

A member of the German delegation said the declaration was adopted without any changes to the draft presented on Tuesday.

The statement said there were “different perspectives, different assessments of the situation and the sanctions”.

The leaders said international law must be respected and that the threat of nuclear weapons was unacceptable, while welcoming the Black Sea Grains Initiative. They added that central banks in their major economies would continue to assess the pace of monetary tightening, while taking into account the need to limit “cross-country spillovers”. They also reiterated their commitment to avoid excessive fluctuations in exchange rates, acknowledging that “the prices of many currencies have moved significantly this year.”

Leaders at the G-20 meeting agreed to continue efforts to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C and recognized the need to accelerate efforts to phase out coal in order to start the talks of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27).

“In recognition of our leadership, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to pursue the goal of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to address climate change by promoting the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and its temperature target,” it said in a statement End of the G20 meeting.

“We are determined to continue our efforts to limit the rise in temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius,” the G20 statement said. This requires serious and effective action and commitment from all countries. The G-20 statement called on COP27 delegates to “urgently step up” efforts during the summit on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Yesterday, the Special Representative of the Egyptian Presidency for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) welcomed the commitments made by the G-20 countries at their summit, saying that the summit’s final declaration contained many promising aspects. Ambassador Wael Abu Al-Majd said in a press conference: “There are very strong elements and commitments and confirmations of previous commitments.” “We welcome that, of course,” he added.

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