Emirates News Agency – Bali prepares for tomorrow’s start of G20 summit

Emirates News Agency – Bali prepares for tomorrow’s start of G20 summit
Emirates News Agency – Bali prepares for tomorrow’s start of G20 summit

Emirates News Agency – Bali prepares for tomorrow’s start of G20 summit

BALI, 14th November (WAM) – The island of Bali in Indonesia is preparing for tomorrow’s start of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, which will bring together 19 countries, representatives of the European Union and countries including the United Arab Emirates, at the Kempinski Hotel Nosa, where the island was decorated with flags, banners, flowers and mangroves.

Hosting the G20 Summit in Bali is a great opportunity for Indonesia to stimulate the revitalization of the tourism and creative industries sectors. Indonesia calls on the world to work together to recover from the epidemic and build the world sustainably.
Indonesia, the host country of the summit, plays a key role in setting the agenda and organizing the summit of heads of state and government, having chaired the Group of Twenty to conclude the first G20 summit in Italy last November times that Indonesia has hosted the Summit since its inception in 1999.
The G20 summit, which takes place on the 15th and 16th days, will cover agriculture, anti-corruption, digital economy, sustainable energy, investment, employment, health, environment, development as well as trade, digital payment systems, sustainable finance and financial inclusion, and international taxation.
Today, Monday 14 November, the G20 featured interactive discussions on progress on sustainable growth, equitable finance for transition and sustainable energy in Asia, leveraging Sukuk sustainable finance, the post-coronavirus world, leveraging innovation for tomorrow growth and digital payment and digital transformation.
The G20 list includes the United States, Russia, China, France, India, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey. Alongside inviting a number of countries as guests of honor, led by the UAE, and a group of international organizations including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the International Labor Organization, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, World Health Organization and World Trade Organization.
The G-20 summit will take place in India in 2023 and in Brazil in 2024. The G20 aims to address global issues related to business.
The G20 accounts for 80% of global economic output, two-thirds of the world’s population and 75% of world trade.
The G20 was formed in 1999 after the Asian economic crisis and the summit was held at the level of finance ministers and central bank governors, and after the global financial crisis the level of meetings was raised to include heads of state, the first summit in November 2008 in Washington in the presence of Heads of State and Government, and the focus and discussions of the group were expanded to include financial and economic issues.

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