Elon Musk and the Bird – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Elon Musk and the Bird – Al-Ittihad newspaper
Elon Musk and the Bird – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Elon Musk and the Bird – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Elon Musk and the bird

After completing the Twitter acquisition, Elon Musk wrote a short tweet on Oct. 28: “The Bird Is Freed is free.” “The Blue Bird.”

On the other hand, the acquisition seems logical when examining the main components of the “Mask” empire, since it represents a qualitative basis once the “Starlink” network is completed, which will provide high-speed Internet service via a satellite platform (a network of integrated ones). satellites and will be completed before the end of the first quarter of 2023 to cover the north of the earth). What has astounded observers, however, is Musk’s intrusion into a very vibrant “media” space and influence in shaping global opinion, not just local or regional, and according to another tweet from the new owner: “I want to transform Twitter into a digital marketplace .” Was this news a hint to rid Twitter of political recruitment?

Is his call to rid Twitter of fake accounts confirmation of that? This was denied by the Twitter administration and then tried to reduce her size, only to come back later to confirm Musk’s claim, but she did not intercede for her and terminated all her services after the acquisition was completed. Perhaps President Joe Biden’s comment has political significance when he calls Twitter a “platform for spreading lies.” Are the fears of the right and left worth it, especially as Musk outlined it in his Nov. 2 tweet, “attacking from the right and left at the same time for a good sign?” However, Musk’s success in neutralizing Twitter from servers and political capital may seem like a distant bridge, but unlike his wealthy peers like Jeff Besos, who dabbled in the political money battlefield for a moment, it later turned out that this was at odds with the interests of Amazon’s investors.

Politically neutralizing Twitter and rooting for its ability to develop a platform that serves peaceful cultural osmosis among peoples may seem a far-fetched goal, and it will soon be exhausted after a workforce reduction of about 50% in the find the corridors of the courts. and this could result in many major advertisers on the platform going out of business in the future. With proven abusive termination, and it is precisely in this area that Mask’s opponents will seek to keep him and drain him financially and morally. We are dealing with a unique case that is fascinating in every detail: If Musk succeeds in connecting all components of his empire, it will become an economic phenomenon unprecedented for mankind with repercussions on the reality of traditional balance sheets.

Is it because of his promises that “it’s so important that we’re united by a platform like a digital town square, where our differences are settled in a civilized and sane way, and without the use of violence?” Does Musk’s philosophy have anything to do with his childhood? to do in South Africa, or are money and success lost? Their luster must include human reforms?

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