“Eid Cake” filled with 18k gold

“Eid Cake” filled with 18k gold

“Eid Cake” filled with 18k gold

The “cake of kings” is considered one of the traditions to celebrate Epiphany in Belgium and several other countries, and it is customary for a plastic surprise to be hidden inside so that the eater of the piece containing it is the lucky winner, but the owner of a pastry shop in Brussels this time decided to include some of his cakes with golden pieces as a real treasure.

Luc de Verdt proudly displays four small 18k gold rounds with his pastry shop’s logo on them. These yellow pieces, each worth 500 euros, are placed in four cakes that De Verdt selects at random from thousands.

“Customers love it and they’re very happy,” notes 60-year-old De Verdt, who spent 46 of them making desserts and expected his initiative “would win some extra customers.”

As in France and other countries, Belgium massively imitates the Epiphany cake and queues outside patisseries to buy it, especially when the treasure hidden among the ground almonds the cake is filled with is tempting.

De Verdt, who launched the 2020 initiative, wants to bake 3,000 cakes this year, 500 more than last year.

He says that in 2022, “people queued for two hours” in front of his shop, and he apologized to half of those waiting for not being able to fulfill their requests.

He explains that this year he had to increase the price of the cake by about 2 euros because of inflation. He explains that “the prices of butter, flour and almonds have risen and the value of the electricity bill will triple”.

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