Egypt and Turkey… Historic handshake – Al Ittihad newspaper

Egypt and Turkey… Historic handshake – Al Ittihad newspaper
Egypt and Turkey… Historic handshake – Al Ittihad newspaper

Egypt and Turkey… Historic handshake – Al Ittihad newspaper

Egypt and Turkey… Historic handshake

In a photo released a few days ago by the Turkish Presidency, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan appear with Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, in the middle On the sidelines of the opening of the football World Cup 2022. The photo received a great response at the political level, since it is about a no less important event about the football world event itself.

The image shows a friendly historic handshake between the two leaders and a smile that predicts a different future between the two countries and a clear political will for broader negotiations. The meeting that took place between the Egyptian President and his Turkish counterpart in Qatar, a key meeting in the completion of an important system of alliances in the region, to open new horizons of cooperative relations in several areas, the most important of which is the region’s security , limiting the role of the “Brotherhood” and ending its absurdity, and then opening the Libyan Act and the Eastern Mediterranean Act in a negotiating environment that has become tighter and more stable than before.

This was confirmed by the official spokesman for the Egyptian Council Presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radi. He referred to the agreement of the two leaders on the depth of historical ties between Egypt and Turkey and the agreement on the start of the development of bilateral relations between them. On the other hand, the Turkish President said he aims to resume talks with the Egyptian side at a higher level.

In fact, these statements represent a great indicator of political developments in relationships that have been going through periods of stagnation since 2013. Brotherhood” is living through its worst phase today: on the one hand it is besieged by divisions left behind by Ibrahim Mounir – the group’s former deputy general – who led the London front before his death at the beginning of the month, in contrast to the “Mahmoud Hussein Front”, which takes place within the framework of demands that each front sees as a marginalization of its existence and a projection of its essence, so that this conflict will continue and intensify until now. On the other hand, the group is beset by external challenges that lie in the renewal of alliances and the normalization of relations, which led to political changes requiring strong Turkish measures to end the group’s channels and propaganda mouthpieces and the withdrawal of a number of groups included Brotherhood leaders from Turkey to other countries.

The rapprochement between the Gulf and Turkey was a major slap in the face to the “brotherhood,” not to mention the Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement that will serve as a tribute to the group’s party at near and not distant levels, if that is the case The most complex files in Libya, Cyprus and Greece should be agreed.

In general, the “Brotherhood” is always the losing party in any political rapprochement because they are an entity based on thorny countries fueled by political differences, and hence they are the loser card behind any agreement or possible political breakthrough. What for a grim reality for a party that thrives on differences and is governed by agreements, and whose cadres thrive on political margins, humiliation and surprise! Finally, in connection with the strategic shifts and the state of the major political unification in the Gulf region and the Arab region in general and the historic handshake full of cordiality and warmth between two great leaders on the sidelines of the World Cup in Qatar, indicators of the political future of the region are appearing on promising on all levels, large and reassuring.

* Saudi writer

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