Edward Norton discovers that Pocahontas is his twelfth great-grandmother

Edward Norton discovers that Pocahontas is his twelfth great-grandmother

Edward Norton discovers that Pocahontas is his twelfth great-grandmother

Actor Edward Norton discovered he has a really well-known ancestor – Pocahontas.

On the PBS present “Find Your Roots” by which host Henry Louis Gates reveals celeb genealogies, Norton was advised Pocahontas was his twelfth great-grandmother. The actor was shocked.

“So far as I do know, that was household historical past,” says Gates. “Effectively, it is completely true.”

Norton, recognized for movies like “American Historical past X” and “Birdman,” requested Gates how he decided the connection, and the host replied, “By the paper path.”

Gates defined that there are information of Pocahontas and John Rolfe being married on April 5, 1614 in Jamestown, Virginia. By different paperwork, Gates mentioned, Norton’s family tree will be traced again to them.

Actor Edward Norton appeared on an episode of PBS

“That is way back to potential,” Gates mentioned. To place into perspective how way back that was, he added that William Shakespeare died two years after Pocahontas and Rolfe’s marriage.

“It simply makes you notice what a small a part of all human historical past you’re,” Norton mentioned.

Pocahontas, born about 1596, was the daughter of Wahunsenaca, chief chief of the Powhatan chiefdom, which is alleged to have had a inhabitants of about 25,000 at its peak National Park Service.

In accordance with the writings of Captain John Smith, Pocahontas saved his life after being captured by the Powhatan and as a result of be executed. In accordance with Smith, earlier than he might be killed, Pocahontas laid her head on his, thus stopping his execution. Nevertheless, there may be some historic debate as as to whether this occasion ever truly passed off, the park service notes.

After being later captured by the English, Pocahontas met widower John Rolfe and the 2 married. In 1614 she transformed to Christianity, was baptized “Rebecca” and the couple had a child named Thomas. The household moved to England in 1616.

A number of different celebrities have discovered fascinating genealogical surprises by Discovering Your Roots. Christopher Meloni of Legislation and Order: SVU discovered he was associated to Nancy Pelosi. TV character and producer Andy Cohen is a distant relative of Scarlette Johansson. Glenn Shut realized that she is expounded to each Princess Diana and Clint Eastwood. CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King realized about her family tree in a single Episode 2021.

Norton’s episode, which additionally starred Julia Roberts, premiered on Tuesday in Season 9 of the present.

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