Cristiano Ronaldo: I was cheated by Manchester United and I have no respect for coach Eric Ten Hag

Cristiano Ronaldo: I was cheated by Manchester United and I have no respect for coach Eric Ten Hag
Cristiano Ronaldo: I was cheated by Manchester United and I have no respect for coach Eric Ten Hag

Cristiano Ronaldo: I was cheated by Manchester United and I have no respect for coach Eric Ten Hag

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Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo says he feels ‘betrayed’ by his English club.

He added that he has no respect for manager Erik Ten Hag and that he is being pressured to leave the club.

Ronaldo, 37, vowed last August to share his experience at Old Trafford after failing to make the hoped-for move to a club participating in the Champions League.

The Portuguese revealed everything during his chat with Piers Morgan on Tok TV.

Quoting the lengthy conversation, published in The Sun newspaper, Ronaldo said:

  • People at the club tried to force him to leave
  • There has been “no development” at the club since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure in 2013
  • The club didn’t show enough “sympathy” when their daughter was hospitalized in July
  • Never “heard” of ex-coach Ralph Ranik
  • He doesn’t know why his former teammate Wayne Rooney criticized him. Ronaldo added: “Maybe because he ended his playing career while I’m still playing.”

The interview will be broadcast over two days, Wednesday and Thursday.

In a first reaction to Ronald’s comments, Manchester United said in a statement: “The club will consider its response after checking all the facts. Our focus is on preparing for the second half of the season and continuing the momentum, hope and cohesion that is built between players, coaches, club staff and fans.”

Asked if United management tried to force him out, Ronaldo said: “Yes, not just the manager but two or three people linked to the club. I felt betrayed.”

Pressing for him by asking if members of the club’s senior management were trying to remove him, he said: “People need to listen to the truth. Yes, I felt cheated and felt like some people didn’t want me here, it’s not limited this year, but also last year.”

The Red Devils, who beat Fulham by two to one on Sunday, are fifth in the Premier League in the team’s first season under Dutch coach Ten Hag.

Relationship with Tin Hag

Ronaldo has not played due to an unspecified illness since he was with the side in the Aston Villa game on the sixth of this month, which the side lost by three goals to one.

Ronaldo was not included in the squad for the game against Chelsea in La Liga last month after the Portuguese refused to play as a substitute in the game against Tottenham three days earlier.

image shared, Reuters

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Ronaldo: The club hasn’t progressed since Sir Ferguson left

Ronaldo said: “I have no respect for him – Ten Hag – because he shows no respect for me. If you don’t respect me, I will never show you respect.”

Ronaldo also spoke about the loss of his young son in April and how he was touched in the days that followed by Liverpool fans honoring him in a game against United at Anfield.

The entire interview lasts 90 minutes, but Morgan wrote a copy of it for The Sun newspaper, which made it clear how narrowly Ronaldo viewed the situation he found United in since returning to the club with much fanfare in August 2021.

Ronaldo also said: “I think the fans should know the truth. I want the best for the club, that’s why I joined Manchester United.”

Ronaldo said he hasn’t seen any “development” at the club since Sir Ferguson left him in 2013.

“Nothing has changed, I love Manchester United. I love their fans, they are always with me. But if they want to change something, they have to change many, many things,” added Ronaldo.

Ronaldo said Ferguson shares his view of the club, especially as he played a crucial role in his return to Old Trafford from Juventus when it looked like he would move to Manchester City.

Ronaldo added: “He knows better than anyone that the club is not on the path it deserves. “

Ronaldo has never heard of Ranic

Ronaldo’s ex-team-mate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was United manager when the Portuguese returned to the club before being succeeded by Ralf Ranik and then Tin Hag.

Ranik has left his role as Head of Sport and Development at Lokomotiv Moscow to take up the position. He had previously made a name for himself during his spell in Germany, with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and former Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel receiving high praise for him.

And about Ranik, Ronaldo said: “If you weren’t even a coach, how would you coach Manchester United? I’ve never heard of him.”

Ronaldo also responded to his former United team-mate Wayne Rooney’s criticism of his behavior this season, saying: “I don’t know why he’s criticizing me like that. Maybe because he’s retired and I still play at one.” high level.”

He continued, “I wouldn’t say I’m better looking than him. That’s correct.”

Reaction to “Ronaldo’s Vision of Reality”

Some sports commentators in the UK, including former players Jermaine Jenas and Jermain Defoe, have criticized Ronaldo for his comments.

“We’ve had nothing but chaos all season, he’s frustrated whether he feels lied to or not, just today he’s not comfortable with me. It’s not going to help him and he needs to be at the club,” Jens said.

Defoe added: “To be honest I think it’s a disappointing conversation, he doesn’t have proof of it so I don’t see why he wanted to get his point across. Maybe his ego was a little bruised.”

Former England defender Jamie Carragher and Sky Sports analyst said the majority of United fans would align themselves with Tin Hag.

He wrote on Twitter: “Ronaldo, under Ten Hag’s leadership, has announced he wants to leave, has refused to take part as a substitute, jumped off the bench and left before the end of the game.”

“99 per cent of United fans will be with Tin Hag which shows how badly Ronaldo handled it.”

Andy Mitten, editor-in-chief of United We Stand, told the BBC: “He wasn’t forced to leave. He wanted to leave in the summer and thought he would but there was a lack of people wanting to sign him. “

“He gave an interview that is his version of the truth and there is often more than one side of the truth in life. I don’t think United fans would be too concerned if he didn’t play for the club again.”

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