China: ‘Forces with ulterior motives’ sparked Covid protests

China: ‘Forces with ulterior motives’ sparked Covid protests

China: ‘Forces with ulterior motives’ sparked Covid protests

China on Monday accused “forces with ulterior motives” of linking a deadly fire in the Xinjiang region Restrictions against the COVID-19 pandemic Appealing when you consider that this connection is the main reason behind the protests that have erupted in various parts of the country in recent days.

According to posts circulating on Chinese and foreign social networks, ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns in Urumqi hampered the arrival of firefighters after the fire broke out Thursday night.

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When asked about the disaster during a press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “There are ulterior motives on social media who associate this fire with the local response to COVID-19.”

Chinese authorities eased anti-corona virus restrictions in different regions but emphasized the strict “zero Covid” strategy today, Monday, after crowds shoved President Xi Jinping during protests against the restrictions, which brought millions of people to oblige them to remain in their homes, called for their resignation.

There was no official information on how many people were arrested after police used pepper spray against protesters in Shanghai and efforts to quell demonstrations in other cities, including Beijing.

And Beijing authorities said they would not erect gates to prevent access to apartment complexes where Covid-19 cases have been detected.

Protests against health restrictions aimed at implementing the “zero Covid” policy erupted in more than one Chinese city on Sunday.

Almost three years after the world’s first case of Covid-19 was discovered in this city, hundreds demonstrated in central China’s Wuhan on Sunday evening.

And direct videos on social media showed crowds of angry residents gathering in the city where the first coronavirus infection was detected in December 2019, noting that other Chinese cities witnessed similar demonstrations.

Protests broke out in Shanghai early on Sunday morning because of these measures

Sections of the Chinese were angered by a fire that was killing people in the country’s far west and Covid restrictions prevented it from being brought under control in time.

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