Biden’s 80th birthday puts his age back in the spotlight

Biden’s 80th birthday puts his age back in the spotlight
Biden’s 80th birthday puts his age back in the spotlight

Biden’s 80th birthday puts his age back in the spotlight

No sitting US president has blown out 80 candles on his birthday cake – but Biden’s age number is a milestone that will have undeniable implications as he considers running again in the 2024 presidential election.

The White House has yet to announce plans for the celebration, while the focus is instead on preparations for Biden’s granddaughter’s wedding on Saturday.

However, Biden himself jokes about his old age. “I can’t even say how old I’m going to be,” he said on MSNBC, adding, “I can’t even say it.”

However, the US President ignores questions as to whether he should seek re-election given the fact that he will remain in power until he is 86, and replies: “Watch me”.

A year ago, after a full medical evaluation, doctors said Biden had some minor ailments and concluded he was “able to carry out his duties.”

The slim president, who doesn’t smoke or drink, is still physically active and hasn’t had any major health problems since undergoing surgery in 1988 for a life-threatening brain aneurysm.

The researchers gave Biden a theoretical life expectancy of about 97 years.

Almost every weekend, Biden drives home to his family in Delaware to recover. And in some group photos with other world leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron or Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the elderly American president seems like a father to them.

And medical reality continues to be not in Biden’s favor as the years increase the risks of cognitive decline, illness, or even the effects of minor accidents.

In addition, Biden’s moments of confusion are piling up, as are his verbal stumbling blocks, which Republicans are taking advantage of by publishing tweets and sarcastic remarks from him.

Speaking to the audience a few weeks ago, Biden looked up at a deceased congresswoman as if she were present and asked, “Where’s Jackie?”

Historical events suggest that a president nearing the end of his first term may be running for a second term.

A case in point is Ronald Reagan, who was re-elected in 1984 at the age of 73 despite controversy over his age.

When a president seeks re-election, Democratic strategist Rachel Petkover said, “It saves the party from a costly and divisive primary,” allowing it to focus its resources on the general election.

But in opinion polls, a clear majority of Americans reject the idea of ​​a second Biden term.

One Democratic group, Roots Action, launched the “Don’t Run Joe” campaign, saying that “Joe has no automatic right to re-election”.

Questions include whether a president born during World War II can mobilize young voters in 2024, even if his policies favor them on issues like marijuana decriminalization and student loan relief.

But if not Biden, who could run?
Vice President Kamala Harris is unpopular, and other prominent Democrats like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are seen as inexperienced.

“Generally speaking, if there’s going to be a presidential challenger for office, it has to be a very flamboyant, very powerful figure,” said Robert Rowland, a political communications expert at the University of Kansas. “The most prominent figure here is Bernie Sander.”

However, according to Rowland, the socialist senator from Vermont is “older than Biden” at 81.

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