Biden ‘very pleased’ with US midterm election results

Biden ‘very pleased’ with US midterm election results
Biden ‘very pleased’ with US midterm election results

Biden ‘very pleased’ with US midterm election results

US President Joe Biden said this Sunday that he was very satisfied with the result midterm elections this happened last tuesday.

Speaking to reporters in Cambodia ahead of the East Asia Summit, Biden added that his focus is on the Georgia Senate election.

Biden said the election “bolstered” his political standing before meeting his Chinese counterpart.

The Center for Edison Research predicted that Democrats would retain control of the Senate next year, giving President Joe Biden a major victory.

Biden’s statement came shortly after the Democratic Party’s victory on Sunday morning. With the seat, he had to retain control of the Senate According to local media, it is a crucial victory for the continuation of Joe Biden’s presidency.

An expression of the split in Congress between the Democratic and Republican parties

Four days after the midterm elections that disappointed Republicans, according to American television networks, Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto was declared the winner of Nevada over the candidate supported by former President Donald Trump.

Her re-election will bring the number of Democrats elected to the Senate to 50 out of 100, allowing Biden’s party to take control of that House, with the likely vote going to Vice President Kamala Harris. The new elections expected in Georgia at the beginning of December will not change anything, the Democrats can still win a seat in Georgia, where a second round will be organized on December 6, but this will not affect the result.

The count is still ongoing in the House of Representatives. It appears Republicans are closer to control, albeit by a simple majority separated by just seven seats. Of the 218 seats needed to win, Republicans have won 211 so far, while Democrats have won 205 seats so far.

On Tuesday, Americans went to the polls to replace all members of the House of Representatives with 435 seats, a third of the Senate with 35 and 36 state governors.

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