Biden meets Trudeau: We will face China and Russia

Biden meets Trudeau: We will face China and Russia

Biden meets Trudeau: We will face China and Russia

Biden meets Trudeau: We will face China and Russia

Migration, trade and climate disputes dominate the “Three Friends Summit”

Wednesday – 18 Jumada II 1444 AH – January 11, 2023 AD issue number [

Biden and Trudeau in Mexico City yesterday (Reuters)

Washington: Hiba al-Qudsi

Disagreements over illegal immigration, trade and climate marred the second day of the North American summit in Mexico City, dubbed the “Three Friends Summit,” which brought together the United States, Mexico and Canada. The friends faced the challenge of overcoming differences and finding a middle ground between the demands of the United States and those of Mexico regarding the flow of illegal immigrants and curbing the ongoing drug and arms smuggling, as well as trade policies and countermeasures of climate change.
Biden met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Tuesday morning before holding a tripartite meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and the discussions centered on strengthening better ties between the three countries, developing projects in energy , semiconductors and climate and how to manage waves of migrants from Latin American countries at the US-Mexico border.
“Discussions focused on clean energy, improving supply chains so we can get the items we need, managing immigration, strengthening national security, and making the most of the partnership between the United States, Canada and Mexico,” explained he. “You and I will work closely together on important global issues, whether it’s China’s pressure or Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, and continue the fight for democracy, the rule of law and economic growth,” Biden told Trudeau.
Believing that North America is the largest free trade bloc in the world and larger than the European Union, Biden said, “We can coordinate to achieve net-zero emissions and ensure that the peoples of Canada, the United States and Mexico’s optimistic about the future and we have mineral and energy challenges and making supply chains more reliable.” Flexibility and efficiency.
Canadian warmth and Mexican controversy
Meetings of the American and Canadian friends seemed warmer, while meetings between President Biden and his Mexican counterpart were more heated and more controversial, as the United States accused Mexican President Lopez Obrador of violating the free trade agreement, failing to tighten border controls, migrant flow and leniency versus the drug gangs that swamped the states Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, is smuggled across the border from Mexico.
On the other hand, the Mexican president accused President Biden’s administration of protectionism that favored American products and local manufacturing, and accused the United States of abandoning its neighbors while Biden defended himself and focused on the billions of Dollars that the United States spends in countries around the world, including countries in the Southwestern Hemisphere.
There has also been a significant and ongoing energy dispute: Mexican President López Obrador has taken steps to ban foreign renewable energy companies and instead subsidized Mexico’s state oil company, prompting the United States and Canada to file a formal complaint in July . The past is under the North American Free Trade Agreement (USMCA), a Trump-era free trade agreement between the three countries that replaced the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement.

Fighting immigration, drugs and guns
The White House issued a statement showing that the Biden-Labrador meeting discussed strengthening bilateral cooperation between the United States and Mexico, and the two leaders explored ways to increase security cooperation to prosecute drug dealers , to dismantle criminal networks and to prevent drug and arms smuggling. and smuggling migrants across common borders.
The statement clarified the two countries’ commitment to climate targets and renewable energy investments, citing “the urgent need to take swift, coordinated and ambitious action to build clean energy economies” and what related to tax exemptions under the Inflation Reduction Law to increase electric car production and batteries.
On immigration, the White House said the three countries agreed to take “small” steps to try to encourage illegal immigrants to seek legal status, rather than putting their lives in the hands of smugglers and to begin the journey north. They decided to create a new shared online platform to give immigrants “easier access to legal avenues” and set up a new legal center in southern Mexico, backed by private money. But those moves have been described by analysts as very meager given the scale of the problem.
Analysts and experts criticized the summit’s failure to announce financial commitments to meet the goal of increasing economic cooperation in the minerals sector and improving supply chains and training.



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