An unfulfilled Saudi promise and a glimmer of hope. Yemen and finding yourself in the Gulf 25

An unfulfilled Saudi promise and a glimmer of hope.  Yemen and finding yourself in the Gulf 25

An unfulfilled Saudi promise and a glimmer of hope. Yemen and finding yourself in the Gulf 25

Yemen are the only team never to have been crowned with the Golf Cup title despite participating in the tournament nine times

“I’m not promising you I’ll achieve anything in the Gulf 25,” began Czech Miroslav Skop; The Yemeni national team coach talks to Al-Nusour fans after signing his contract at the end of December.

The difficult conditions that the Yemeni side is going through from a political and social point of view have been marred by the dependence on sports life unlike several crises, but building a new generation is now the main goal of the Football Federation of Yemen.

Today, Friday, Yemeni Eagles open their campaign in Gulf Cup Iraq 2023, “Gulf 25”, against Saudi national team, which participates in reserve team, but still, task for Scoop battalion is not easy.

obstacles and challenges

The contract with Scoop was announced at the end of December, although according to the Yemen Football Association, the agreement with him had been signed since last August.

Delay in signing Ahmed Saleh Al-Essa contract; The President of the Football Federation of Yemen said he expected his Saudi counterpart to pay the coach’s salary, estimated at $25,000, according to the joint cooperation agreement signed between the two federations, but that Al-Issa and his council could not pay the salary despite the difficult financial conditions, due to a lack of support from the Ministry of Sport and the Asian Football Association.

Although Scoop is not new to Yemen, having managed the national team before 2014, the delay in assuming official responsibility hurts his team given that the current group of players is new to him, in addition to the fact that some of are new to them they haven’t played an international for over a year.

The Czech coach then clashed with the Gulf 25 preparation plan as he attended a preparation camp in Egypt instead of against teams and played friendlies against the second division teams of the Egyptian League after the United Arab Emirates Team apologizes for the pre-agreed Friendly!

A glimmer of hope

The Yemeni Eagles are the only team within the Gulf that has yet to be crowned in the Gulf Cup, which might cause the players to lose some confidence, but football has other calculations.

Yesterday, in the presence of Yemen’s Sports Minister Nayef Al-Bakri, the team reminded its players of what the Moroccan national team achieved at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, while the majority expected the Atlas Lions to drop out of the group stage after being placed in a group fell, which also included Belgium and Croatia.

However, Morocco finished fourth after losing to France to give hope to all Arabs and scrap the phrase ‘honorable representation’, even though their coach Walid Rekragui only assumed technical responsibility two months before the world event.

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And ahead of the 2022 World Cup and back to the end of 2019, the Bahraini national team won the first golf title in its history after beating the Saudi national team with a clean goal in the final, although Al-Akhdar at that time took part in the tournament with the first team and winning en route against teams the size of Kuwait and Iraq, and the irony that Scoop was Bahrain’s technical director at the time.

There is hope in football: if Yemen’s players, despite the challenges and difficult circumstances, believe in themselves, they will either follow in the footsteps of Morocco and Bahrain and break the stereotype, or they will remain captive to the shackles of circumstance.

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