An infection that I dream of moving out of the football stadiums and into politics

An infection that I dream of moving out of the football stadiums and into politics
An infection that I dream of moving out of the football stadiums and into politics

An infection that I dream of moving out of the football stadiums and into politics

Once again the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was able to unite the word of the Arabs and bring them together in one man’s heart. A few weeks ago the Arab governments painted a very beautiful picture as they rushed to support the Kingdom’s position on the decision to cut oil production as part of OPEC Plus, a decision that angered Americans as Washington sought to increase production to bolster its position in the face of the Russian bear.

And if what Saudi Arabia did back then was a goal, but it was in the political arena, then it actually scored a goal on the ball field, or rather two goals, when Al-Akhdar the tango dancers (Argentina) defeated, and the exit of Salem Al-Dosari’s companion with the three match points in the face of Messi’s companions.

All indications were that dominance would – inevitably – fall to Argentina, who boast a battalion of players of the highest caliber, led by the icon Messi, whose name is enough to terrify players from other teams.

However, all the calculations, the history and the names of the players such as diligence and dedication are omitted. And so it happened in this historic game that will go down in light letters in the World Cup records.

It is true that I rejoiced at the victory of the fraternal Saudi team, but my rejoicing is with the rejoicing of all Arabs and their celebration of the historic victory as if it were a victory for all Arabs.

Someone might say that this is just a game and that our joy is overdone as it is not worth winning which is a message to all of us.

This message simply states that we are no less than others, and all we need to achieve victory – in any area – is the spirit, diligence and perseverance to reach the goal.

And to see the value of this historic victory, let’s take the decision of the guardian of the two holy mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, to celebrate the achievements in Saudi Arabia, as well as the suspension of work for the public and in-the-public staff check private sectors.

I won’t hide from you a secret when I say that I was happier with the popular Arab celebration of this victory than with the official congratulations sent by Arab leaders and officials, and of course this is no underestimation of official congratulations – but I am always partial to the peoples, and with that solidarity that strengthens the spirit of brotherhood between us.

Still, it is worth commending the messages from the Arab leaders, including congratulations from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, to the Saudi national football team on their historic victory over the Argentina national team. .as well as congratulations to Queen Rania Al Abdullah, wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan On the same path, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and others went from the ocean to the gulf .

My joy was complete with the Saudi victory and the Arab joy as I purposely followed the fans in the stands at matches where one of the teams is an Arab team. If Qatar were to play, all the Arabs in the stands would be wearing maroon behind the screens The colors of the Moroccan flag.

I was even happier when Tunisia coach Jalal Kadri said: “We know the Arab masses in general and the Egyptian masses in particular will have our backs. We would have supported them for the World Cup.”

This is the spirit that makes me happy and takes me to heaven. It is time, O Arabs, to renounce all dissent and spread this inspirational spirit (like a benign infection) from football stadiums to political stadiums and others, so that we may be one hand in the face of a wild world that devours the weak .

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