Al-Sayegh: Dialogue is the best option to resolve crises and promote peace

Al-Sayegh: Dialogue is the best option to resolve crises and promote peace
Al-Sayegh: Dialogue is the best option to resolve crises and promote peace

Al-Sayegh: Dialogue is the best option to resolve crises and promote peace

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

His Excellency Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Minister of State, reiterated that the UAE’s participation in the G20 Summit to be held in Bali, Republic of Indonesia on November 15-16 represents a commitment to the country’s efforts and its constant efforts Improve cooperation and joint action at international level.
During a media briefing on the UAE’s participation in the Summit held yesterday, His Excellency Al Sayegh said: The country is attending the Summit as one of four invited countries and it is the second participation in the G20 Summit after the first attendance at the Summit under the Presidency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He added that this participation aims to consolidate the UAE’s role in the work of the G20 by actively participating in all working groups.
He said: “We have worked to convey the trends of small developing countries with a focus on sustainability and climate change by participating in a variety of working group tracks.”

Noting that the G20 Summit, held for the first time in 1999, was an annual gathering of representatives of the world’s major economic powers to improve international economic cooperation, His Excellency pointed out that the Indonesian Presidency of the Group adopted an ambitious plan entitled “Recovering Together…Recovering Stronger.” It identified three main priorities including: comprehensive health management, economic transformation based on digital technologies and the transition to sustainable energy, noting that these priorities also included were in the country’s plans and strategies for the next fifty years.
Speaking on the objectives of this high-level attendance, His Excellency Al Sayegh stressed the UAE’s aspiration to promote a balanced, sustainable and comprehensive economic recovery of the global economy, noting that “the UAE is a global economic hub with its diverse efforts to ensure sustainability.” and the smooth running of the food and drug chains through our active foreign trade and ports and our advanced logistic facilities.”
His Excellency stated that the participation will enhance cooperation with the group’s member states and consolidate our position as a dynamic and ambitious economy of high standing, noting that through working groups the UAE has confirmed its responsible role in the energy markets, and ours leading clean energy agenda reviewed.
In this regard, he pointed out that while participating in the working groups, the country “underlined its commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, and we also emphasized that dialogue and diplomacy are the best option to build trust and crises to solve by supporting global support for peace and stability and strengthening international solidarity.”
His Excellency noted that the UAE has also reviewed the importance of multilateral action, based on its belief that the G20 Summit is at the forefront of international cooperation platforms that play an active role in promoting prosperity and cooperation among peoples .
Noting that the state’s participation in the work of the summit will witness the announcement of the launch of a number of initiatives to support its work in the climate and health sectors, he stressed the UAE’s support for the Indonesian presidency of the summit to achieve the priorities foreseen for this year’s session.
His Excellency Al-Sayegh noted that during the G20 Sherpa meetings, the country reviewed its commitment to constructive and effective global action in multiple sectors including health, education, digital economy, industry, agriculture, investment and financial crimes.
He said: The UAE sees the importance of a strong and comprehensive multilateral system to achieve the global goals of sustainable development.

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