A “strategic mistake”… Washington warns Beijing of an attack on Taiwan

A “strategic mistake”… Washington warns Beijing of an attack on Taiwan
A “strategic mistake”… Washington warns Beijing of an attack on Taiwan

A “strategic mistake”… Washington warns Beijing of an attack on Taiwan

The US warned China on Wednesday that any attack on Taiwan would be a strategic mistake.

On Wednesday, General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, called any Chinese attack on Taiwan a strategic mistake like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I think the decision would be unwise, it would be a political mistake, a geopolitical mistake and a strategic mistake, similar to the strategic mistake made by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine,” General Milley said in a speech on Wednesday.

And the day before yesterday, Monday, the Taiwanese presidency said that military confrontation is not an option for Taiwan and China.

Describing Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “rational actor,” Gen Milley said, “I think he’s evaluating things based on costs, benefits and risks, and I think he’s going to conclude that an attack on Taiwan excessive risk will play a role in the near future and will result in a strategic failure of the Chinese army.” .

And he believed that any Chinese attack on Taiwan would hamper Beijing’s efforts to become the world’s largest economic and military power

Noting that the Chinese army had not fought any battles since fighting the Vietnamese in 1979, he explained that the Chinese army’s ability to launch an attack on Taiwan with bombs and missiles is actual control over the densely populated mountain island becomes “a very difficult military task”.

And he felt that if attacked, the Chinese army would be playing a very dangerous game by crossing the straits and invading the island of Taiwan, suggesting that they do not have the experience and background to do so The Chinese have not yet been trained for this.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last August, angering China and causing tension in Beijing-Washington relations.

For its part, Beijing responded to Pelosi’s visit with major military maneuvers and crossed the median line hitting Taiwan with drills for a possible incursion into the island, and Beijing then announced it would organize regular cross-strait maneuvers.

The self-governing island of Taiwan is in a state of tension with Beijing, which maintains sovereignty over it under the principle of a united China.

Addressing the Ukraine crisis, General Milley pointed out that the likelihood of Kyiv being militarily successful in urging Russia to withdraw from all Ukrainian territory it occupies is slim.

The US military official condemned the Russian attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, calling them “war crimes”.

He pointed out that by creating a situation of extreme suffering for Ukrainian civilians, Russia aims to weaken morale.

Since February 24, despite opposition from the US and America, Russia has launched a military operation in Ukraine that has led to the imposition of political and economic sanctions on Moscow.

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