A final agreement with the military before the end of the year

A final agreement with the military before the end of the year
A final agreement with the military before the end of the year

A final agreement with the military before the end of the year

after confirmation Forces for Freedom and Change (Central Council) An opportunity arose last week for a framework agreement with the army that could pave the way for a final solution to the political crisis that has plagued Sudan for months, and it appears that the signing of that agreement is imminent.

Sources from these forces told Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath that the framework agreement is expected to be signed before the end of next week.

She also clarified that after the signing of the framework agreement, the outstanding issues and observations of the transitional forces on the constitution will be discussed (including transitional justice, security and military reform process and peace process…).

Final Agreement

In addition, she confirmed that a deadline had been set to reach a final agreement before the end of the year.

She explained that around 30 organizations have so far signed the political declaration supplementing the transitional constitution.

This agreement is based on the so-called “interim constitution”, a draft of the country’s new constitution presented by the Sudanese Bar Association to resolve the crisis, which provides for a transition period of a maximum of two years, the establishment of a federal civilian government, the removal of the armed forces from power and the review of the Juba Peace Agreement signed in October 2020.

Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan (Photo by Armed Forces Office)

International optimism

It is worth noting that in recent weeks an optimistic atmosphere regarding the impending solution after more than a year of the political impasse that has dominated the country has been expressed by UN Envoy Volker Peretz, as well as Sovereignty Council Chairman and Armed Forces Commander Abdel Fattah Al -Burhan, despite some statements The dissent emanating from some leaders in “Freedom and Change,” the main component of the civilian opposition.

Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world, has been stuck in political and economic stagnation since October 25, 2021, when the army imposed extraordinary measures and dissolved the previous government, despite all international efforts to find a solution between civilians and the military.

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