A disappointing first look for 4 stars in the World Cup

A disappointing first look for 4 stars in the World Cup

A disappointing first look for 4 stars in the World Cup

The first round of the Qatar World Cup 2022 has turned its back on four of the prominent stars who were expected to make an outstanding showing with their countries’ national teams at the World Cup (Qatar 2022).

At a time when fans were expecting a stellar performance from more than one big star, led by Argentina captain Lionel Messi, Poland and Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski, Belgium midfield captain Kevin De Bruyne and Uruguay striker Luis Suarez, they disappointed and underperformed on par They put their teams in a difficult position in their World Cup season.

Emirates Today observes the most prominent stars who have been let down by the World Cup debut as follows:


The Argentinian star, who was hoping to end his career with the World Cup by winning the league cup, suffered a major setback when he lost his country to Saudi Arabia in the tournament’s biggest upset, putting pressure on the Tango dancers’ captain to come in the two remaining games for his team against Poland and Mexico, due to the inevitability of victory and the demonstration of his technical and physical prowess that he is capable of realizing the dream of crowning the World Cup, having since been thwarted by Argentina 1986


Lewandowski let Poland fans down by missing a penalty against Mexico in the first round of Group C, which ended in a goalless draw.

The Barcelona striker failed to take the opportunity to score his first goal of the tournament to prevent his country from winning and taking a step towards the second round of the tournament, after which the sympathy of his teammates and coach Czeslav Mischnević showed great sympathy for him.

De Bruine

Belgium captain De Bruyne’s sarcastic remarks after the Canada game reflected the player’s dissatisfaction with himself and the rest of his country’s national team against the Canada team in which he was the best party and squandered many chances including squandering kick a penalty. De Bruyne didn’t appear at the level he presents with City, leaving him vulnerable to criticism from the game commentator and followers on social media.


Luis Suarez was no better than the rest of the Stars as he performed well below his level during the South Korea game which ended in a goalless draw, which resulted in his coach Diego Alonso knocking him out through his colleague in the 64th minute Edinson Cavani replaced.

Numbers and stats showed Suarez’s inability to threaten Korea’s goal on every occasion, and he only managed to touch the ball 18 times.

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