7 best tips to keep your dry January streak alive

7 best tips to keep your dry January streak alive

7 best tips to keep your dry January streak alive

If you haven’t heard why you should attend Dry January, listen up and join in some healthy fun. Dry January is a movement that inspires people to do this abstain from alcohol all of January. Can it be a difficult challenge for some? Perhaps. But can it motivate you to make it a healthy habit every year and more? Absolutely, and we’re here with some great plans to brighten up your dry January.

What is Dry January all about?

no alcohol Dry January calendar

For a little background, Dry January is said to have started around 11 years ago with UK charity Alcohol Change, UK Southern New Hampshire University. It is growing in popularity and countless people around the world are now looking forward to starting their new year by participating in what is known as Dry January.

After advise tomorrowa company specializing in global news services, only about one in five adults in the United States chose to participate in the initiative in 2022. Additionally, a whopping 77% of people who previously attended Dry January felt inspired to do it again in 2022.

What Makes Dry January Great? “Dry January is a great time for self-reflection on alcohol and can help people uncover potential alcohol ‘need’ issues,” said Dr. Leanne Skehan of Southern New Hampshire University. “Dry January is not about detoxing after the holidays, nor is it designed to help people with addiction issues.”

dr Skehan noted that the initiative focuses on moderate drinkers; those who can go overboard with too much alcohol too frequently. dr Skehan also emphasized that Dry January is not intended for individuals dealing with an alcohol use disorder.

research proved that only be alcohol-free for a month can be incredibly positive for your body. Plus, there are so many other really constructive ways to use your time and money. So are you ready to make some healthy, positive changes? Let’s start with these awesome alternate plans!

Plan a mocktail competition with your best friends.

Sure, there are plenty of ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails out there. But how much fun would it be to become your own mixologist? Here’s the plan. Everyone creates their own recipe and brings it along to share. Each participant tastes and votes for their favourite. You can create different categories and even give a prize to the winner cocktails! The grand prize gets to host the next mocktail contest, kicking off a good old healthy contest—and fun!

There are plenty of places to go for inspiration, and some non-alcoholic spirits websites even offer their own recipes, e.g dhos.

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Spend a wellness month full of TLC.

You’ll save money this month by not going out for drinks or buying rosé for dinner. So plan on having a nourishing experience at least once a week throughout the month—something you don’t normally allow your body to indulge in. Whether you book a face or foot bath, try a salt grotto or hot yoga session, or treat yourself to a pampering back massage, this month is all about your well-being.

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Start a wellness journal.

The art of journaling is so therapeutic. As you start this month, you can look back and see how great you feel physically and mentally by doing something wonderful for yourself. Your journal itself can be your motivator if you want to continue the trend.

Host a game night.

Couples play twister game

Couples play twister game

Did you know that gaming can actually be good for your health? After research, non-digital board games can improve your health. They’re social, competitive, and just plain old fun competition. Order a giant Twister mat, break out an oversized set of Jenga blocks, or settle down for a game of Monopoly. You can even buy a fun puzzle to complete with your significant other or roommate. If you want to get out, you should go to an escape room – no alcohol required!

Redesign your home with serenity.

Take some time and stock up on a diffuser, some essential oils, and set up a cozy meditation or reading nook to enjoy this season and beyond. If you’re not sure what to buy, lavender oil is helpful for sleep, pain, and stress Cleveland Clinic. If you have asthma or bad gums, try frankincense oil. Peppermint oil is effective in relieving headaches, bad mood, fatigue, and stomach or digestive problems. We have a feeling you will love this corner of tranquillity.

Plant an indoor succulent or herb garden.

Plant succulents

Plant succulents

Studies show that gardening is a health-promoting hobby. According to a review published in , the positive effects include reduced anxiety, depression and body mass index Reports on preventive medicine. It has also been shown to provide an increased sense of contentment, community and overall quality of life.

Mini greenhouse kits are all the rage right now! If you’re quite the chef in the kitchen, or if you want to get better at preparing home-cooked meals, you’ve got something of a small local herb garden with automated lights, planting can be fun and will certainly put to good use. Treat yourself to one and get started. Not only will it make you smile, but you won’t have to go to the store to buy herbs like basil, parsley, rosemary, or dill!

Go on an outdoor adventure.

If weather permits, head out into the open road and camp. If you can’t get away overnight, consider a backyard campsite. And if you don’t have more than an afternoon to spare, just head to a nearby hiking trail and take your pup for a hike. The benefits of hiking are exceptional, and the only thing you’ll want to drink is lots of H20!

Eat this, not that

Eat this, not that

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