4 wins for the “Atlas Lions” in a draw against the runner-up

4 wins for the “Atlas Lions” in a draw against the runner-up
4 wins for the “Atlas Lions” in a draw against the runner-up

4 wins for the “Atlas Lions” in a draw against the runner-up

The Moroccan national team got off to a good start in their opening match of the 2022 World Cup competitions after yesterday’s draw with Croatia without a goal, allowing the side to score a positive point at the start of their season in Group F, which includes Belgium and Canada.

Morocco has four victories after this game, but above all a good morale boost, especially since they are level with the runners-up from the last edition (Russia 2018), while next Sunday they will face Belgium, number two in the world, in the second round before meeting Canada in the third round on Thursday.

The confrontation with Belgium is the most important in the career of the Moroccan national team, especially since the result of the game will be a “decisive point” for the team’s chances of qualifying for the round of 16, whether a win or a draw for Morocco will help that the team in the third round against Canada, the least lucky national team in the sixth group has its chances.

The “Atlas Lions” split in the first game of the World Cup, “Good news” that could help repeat the historic performance of their best participation in the World Cup when they surpassed the group stage at the 1986 edition in Mexico by winning the Group 6 by four points as it was a fluke that the team started their career there. The tournament drew with Poland, then level on points with England before claiming a historic victory over Portugal while narrowly losing to Germany in the round of 16 , with the goal of legend Lothar Matthäus in the 87th minute of the game.

On the other hand, Morocco learned the lesson of the 2018 Russian Championship when they started their campaign with a dramatic loss to Iran with an own goal in fatal time, then repeated their loss to Portugal before leveling with Spain in the third round and say goodbye to the tournament.

As for the fourth positive aspect, it is the wonderful leadership of the game by coach Walid Regraki, apart from what is being circulated on social media that Morocco has the best chance of reaching the round of 16 thanks to the wonderful skills Possessed by a group of its players, who play in the most prominent clubs in the world. Regragui treated the meeting with great realism, especially as he plays against the 2018 Russia runners-up, which includes a group of the most prominent stars led by Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric, Mateo Kovacic and Ivan Perisic.

Al-Rarakaki opted for a balanced style of play that helped not to favor Croatia in midfield, while at the same time the “Atlas Lions” missed many chances that would have at least scored a goal that would help change the course of the game in the interests of the to change team.

Morocco’s 4 wins

■ Good news for the 1986 World Cup replay in Mexico, when they qualified for the second round.

■ Learn the lessons from previous participation in Russia 2018.

■ Get a morale boost before taking on Belgium.

■ Defensive strength and not conceding goals.

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